About Us

    Set within the heart of Massachusetts, Yama Fuji Sushi Hibachi Japanese Restaurant is one of MA's most authentic and traditional Japanese restaurants, specializing in the delicacy of Kobe beef alongside a stunning selection of fresh sushi and sashimi. Since our inception in 2014, we have offered best quality traditional Japanese food to the citizens of MA at the extremely affordable rate.

    We are among the handful of Japanese restaurants in MA to offer Kobe – the most exclusive beef in the world often called the ‘caviar of meat.' We are the MA restaurant which offers a wide variety of traditional Japanese dishes such as Sushi and Hibachi. Many Japanese food lovers from Massachusetts prefer Yama Fuji Sushi Hibachi Japanese Restaurant for authentic Japanese food and an exceptional taste that lingers as a beautiful and satisfying memory. If you wish to enjoy our Japanese food with the group, we also offer buffet catering services which are second to none in whole MA. You can visit Yama Fuji Sushi Hibachi Japanese Restaurant and be the part of an incredible mouth watering experience. This memorable experience makes our restaurants as one of the best Japanese restaurants in MA with best traditional Japanese food.

    Yama Fuji Sushi Hibachi Japanese Restaurant has risen to the fame in MA within a short span for two reasons. One is the unmatched quality and taste of the food and second is the kind of Japanese ambiance that offers you an amazing experience that you never had and never will be!