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Best Japanese Restaurants - MA

Yama Fuji Sushi Hibachi Japanese Restaurant fuses traditional Japanese food with innovative traditional nouvelle cuisines topped with skilled chefs with years of industry experience. They work diligently making Yama Fuji Sushi Hibachi Japanese Restaurant's dishes extremely exquisite to the taste buds; the cream of the crop.

Yama Fuji Sushi Hibachi Japanese Restaurant, boast not only of impeccable food, trendy ambiance, superior service, and opulent decor; add burgeoning nightlife making Yama Fuji Sushi Hibachi Japanese Restaurant an MUST-GO! It is no surprise that our fan base in MA is steadily growing and getting accustomed to the great taste that we have to offer. We are specialized in offering the premium quality Sushi as well as Hibachi in Massachusetts. We offer sushi dishes, sushi maker, sushi supplies, home hibachi grill, hibachi griddle, hibachi style grill, teppanyaki grill, hibachi cooking grill, hibachi grill cooking and much more. Alternatively, you can select dishes from the a la carte menu which include excellent quality sushi and sashimi, room dishes such as sesame dumplings and robata dishes. Desserts combine Western and Eastern flavors and could include a peanut, vanilla and chocolate tsubo.

This is an up-tempo affair; the music will be soothing, the place will be busy and the ambiance excellent. But the food is no afterthought. The sushi will slowly melt in your mouth, and the flavors of the wagyu beef will linger. The decor is stylish with a wide variety of seating options, from the vibrant main open plan kitchen and dining area into one of the perfectly Japanese styled dining rooms.